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 Rockie's MPF app

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PostSubject: Rockie's MPF app    Thu Jun 23, 2016 11:09 pm

1.) What is your Steam Username?

2.) What is your SteamID?

3.) What is the process for breaching locked doors in a group?
There is a minimum requirement of two units when breaching, and can go up to four.
You would call out to STACK, and all of the units would align up against the door in their specified positions. (both sides of the door)
Calling LOCK, the breacher unit will fire at the handle, making the door swing open.
Thus calling INJECT, in which the units rush in.

4.) Roleplay getting shot in the chest with a shotgun wearing standard issue kevlar.
As the unit turned the corner, there would be a loud bang, and flash, before the unit felt himself physically get thrown backwards. The pellets would penetrate some of his armor, ripping it apart with ease. As he fell backwards onto the floor, he'd let out shots with his pistol, hoping one of them would luckily execute the anti-citizen, dealing with the problem. He'd feel his back hit the hard concrete, as his chest stung with pain. As he regained his senses, he'd hold his chest in attempt to stop the bleeding, and attempt to radio in for help.

5.) Roleplay a thorough pat down during an inspection.
He would near the citizen that would be placed up against the wall, and take out his ziptie.
He'd take the citizens arms, and would attempt to tie them together. (at this point in the /me you'd put in parenthesis "resist?")
Successfully tying the citizens hands behind his back, he would then pat his pockets, and then he would carefully pat down his pants, going over his pockets again. He would then go up to his waist, this time applying more force to the pats. He would finish off by going over his body again, this time being more light. He would then back off from the citizen, and say "Alright, your good to go." before unholstering a small knife and slashing the ties off.

6.) What is your character's backstory? (3 Paragraph Minimum)
Anthony Limitri was a selfish, greedy man, who had nothing but an obsession for power. He threw other people in his life aside, treating them as nothing but objects. He hardly spoke to anyone, and when he did, it was obvious he resented it. He worked as a store clerk, gym teacher, and finally a police officer, where he recieved gruesome training. Throughout almost every day, Anthony was forced to endure another drill, another runner, and the only thing fueling him was his anger. Day after day, he went through this routine, finally learning how to completely obey his higherups, but at the same time be his own man. When the Combine had invaded, he saw it as an opprutunity. He had hardly resisted, and only "helped" fend off the strange, Xenian creatures. Soon after, he was caught by the Combine, his weapon and uniform taken. He was slipped into standard issue UU clothing, and forced to relocate several times. This only fueled his anger, as he resisted against units. As he did, he quickly learned who truly had the power, after feeling the cruel treatment of the Combine. As much as he resented the CCA, he saw it as an opprutunity. He had nothing else within the city, nothing to turn to. He thought the rebellion was ridiculous, an impossible fight. Trying to gain power, a name in the city, a possible purpose, he applied to join their ranks. He stayed in his apartment, kept in line, got rations when they were available, but secretly, he trained and trained, eavesdropped on radio chatter, watched the units protocols, and what kinds of weapons they used. He admired the CCA, and at the same time, hated it. He tried to learn as much as a civillian could, even while knowing the CCA's true purpose. He would do anything for power.

7.) What rank comes after i1?

8.) Which CCA rank is allowed to use crossbows?
None. The crossbow is a rebel-made weapon.
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PostSubject: Re: Rockie's MPF app    Thu Jun 23, 2016 11:14 pm

pretty obvious this shits gonna get denied
but fuck it afro
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PostSubject: Re: Rockie's MPF app    Fri Jun 24, 2016 10:30 am

I'm sorry, but your application has been DENIED.
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PostSubject: Re: Rockie's MPF app    

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Rockie's MPF app
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