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 Tanner's CCA Application

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Pyr The Deutsch


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PostSubject: Tanner's CCA Application   Thu Jun 30, 2016 3:25 pm

1.) What is your Steam Username? Pyr The Deutsch

2.) What is your SteamID?

3.) What is the process for breaching locked doors in a group? The operation will usually have 2-4 units on scene, there will be one breacher, who is in charge of the group, he will call "STACK" which is the order for units to stack up on the wall next to the room they're breaching. The breacher would then call "LOCK" which will signify the units to get ready to breach, then the breacher will shout "BREACH" and will shoot/break the lock, open the door and then order the units to "INJECT" which would tell the units to move in.

4.) Roleplay getting shot in the chest with a shotgun wearing standard issue kevlar.
As the unit opens the door to the grotto he is welcomed to a loud crack sound, which he realises that he is being pushed back forcefully, he feels the pellets of the shell fly through his kevlar as it is unable to protect against the type of firepower, still, the unit has his feet under him and tries to shoot with his weapon and cover his wounds with his other hand, he tries to control the breathing and stop his bleeding, when the pain became too strong for him, he desperately grabs his radio and begins to mumble out his call for backup.

5.) Role-play a thorough pat down during an inspection.
   During the inspection he tells everyone to face the wall and put their hands behind their head and spread their legs to begin. He starts off with the person far left, taking out a zip-tie, he places the persons hands behind their back and straps the zip-tie onto the citizens wrists, if they resisted he would then run after the citizen, knocking him out with the stunstick and then tying him while he is unconscious, then taking him to a cell for further inspection. If they do not resist he then takes out his stunstick and pats around his body making sure he doesn't leave a space untouched *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)* if he were to feel anything abnormal he would take the item out and inspect it. After he checks the citizens body, he would open up their suitcase,checking through the belongings making sure no contraband is inside.

6.) What is your character's backstory? (3 Paragraph Minimum)
  Tanner was apart of a lower class family, after moving from Czechoslovakia to the United States he wasnt apart of a very good neighbourhood. During his regular life he would go to a ghetto school, with fights starting almost everyday he had to prepare himself and get tougher in order to stay alive and in his place. He trained everyday and became stronger with his brother helping him out as he had a sports medicine degree. Right after he left highschool scoring all A's he went to John Hopkins in Maryland and studied Medicine as well as Criminal Justice and Corrections, Scoring Bachelors in both studies before the seven hour war.
  When the 7 hour war came, and he saw the Combine synths march down his street, marking designations for the new Nexus that would be placed. He complied with everything the soldiers did and their orders, making sure not to get on their bad sides, he knew not to mess with the soldiers because they weren't going to deal with his rebellion.
   After the Combine gave him his clothing and rations he became loyal to the combine's idea's and power, knowing that they were trying to help humanity and even letting the people on the planet become one of their forces, he knew he wanted to try and become apart of the CCA. Knowing they could help the human race, he would try and keep peace for the idea's to come true.

7.) What rank comes after i1?
Field Officer.

8.) Which CCA rank is allowed to use crossbows?
    None, the crossbow is a rebel weapon

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PostSubject: Re: Tanner's CCA Application   Sat Jul 02, 2016 11:01 am

Congratulations, your application has been ACCEPTED.

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Tanner's CCA Application
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