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 Overwatch Transhuman Arm Guide (Incomplete)

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Pyr The Deutsch


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PostSubject: Re: Overwatch Transhuman Arm Guide (Incomplete)   Thu Jun 30, 2016 11:35 pm

The Overwatch Transhuman Arm (OTA) is a heavy military created by the combine. It consists of humans modified to be stronger, faster, and smarter. The first OTAs were created from humans that were in the military before the Seven Hour War. The most common type of OTA is ECHO. It is a basic unit that carries a pulse rifle. In combat, they are guided by KING units, who carry a pulse rifle and a single dark matter orb. Along with the 2 main divisions, there are 4 others. Unlike the KING and ECHO divisions, these 4 divisions have very specific jobs. The divisions are as follows:

RANGER - A division based on long range combat. This division is best known for using the combine sniper. They will usually sit on a key perch and wait for their opponent to come out.

KILO - A division based on piloting vehicles such as APCs and Hunter-Choppers. They are the primary transportation unit of the Overwatch Forces.

X-RAY - A division based on sweeping areas. While they normally sweep the sewers, they might sweep District 4 or the plaza on certain occasions. They are the patrolling units and will report any signs of rebel activity and deal with them as neccessary.

PHANTOM: Stealth Division of the Overwatch, used for covert operations and unsuspecting flanks and tactics. The main reason for these units is to lure out enemies to create an ambush for the unsuspecting opponents.

The Overwatch Forces are to be sent out when the Consul wants to go outside or Judgement and Autonomous Judgement waivers. They will take Martial Law over the city and will only ever use the CP as Cannon Fodder back up. There are 2 Overwatch Ranks, OWS and EOW, OWS meaning Overwatch Soldier, and EOW meaning Elite Overwatch. Overwatch are the highest of the Hierarchy and are only commanded by the Advisors.

ROLEPLAY: When Roleplaying as an Overwatch you should always act militaristic and never have fear, you are a heavily augmented HUMAN, I shouldn't stress that out but it seems as Overwatch regards themselves as invincible superhumans, you should always be watching your surroundings making sure you are not killed, because your gear is the greatest you can have. If rebels are to surround you, you will take out as many as possible.

When you talk as an Overwatch you want to be quick and quiet, get the point out as soon as possible because if you can hear yourself, the resistance can too.

    Now the main point of the Overwatch is your fear factor, if you are called out, you don't take jack shit from anyone, you push them aside and if they're acting shitty to you, you whip them in the face with the butt of your gun. When you're called in you make yourself as militarized as possible, along with being brutal. You as an Overwatch have a job and an order. Either protect the Consul or destroy resistance in the area.

    If you are in a squad, you focus on protecting your squad-mates and completing your order. Always look out for your squad, cause one wrong move can make your whole squad get killed.

 EQUIPMENT:   Now your gear you are assigned is high end, never will jam and will never break, unless someone breaks it, and even then thats basically impossible. Your Gear is as follows:

Tier IV: Heavy Kevlar Armor Capable of taking multiple 9MM SMG Rounds.

Titanium Helmet: Capable of taking multiple shots to the head.

9MM MP7: Standard Issued Sub Machine Gun that fires 9MM ammunition with a 30 round magazine, given to the lower rankings of the Overwatch.

Combine SPAS-12: Loaded with buckshot ammunition and holding 8 shells, this weapon is an up close and personal weapon, finding its main use in buildings and corridors, this high damaging weapon is given to selected members of the Overwatch forces.

OSIPR: Also known as the AR2, this weapon shoots 30 energy pulse's as well as having a secondary fire that shoots out a dark energy orb disintegrating an opponent instantly. Given to EOW's and some OWS's.

XM29 OICW: A Bullpup Rifle manufactured by the combine that uses 5.56 ammunition, fitted with a scope for medium range engagements, given to specific members of the overwatch forces.

XM29 OICW Grenade Launcher Variant: An XM29 OICW fitted with a grenade launcher for area denial and clearing out enemies in small rooms and in cover.

TACTICS: Your main tactic should be to "BLITZ" your enemy, also known as taking them by suprise and overpowering them. If they are heavily fortified, you should try and set up a distraction so when you breach in you cause major panic for the rebels. If you are getting overwhelmed do not be afraid to call for support such as rollermines, striders, or gunships if available. Now psychological warfare is way better than conventional warfare, because who doesn't want bullets sailing over their heads and being rushed by superhumans? Do not be afraid to scare your enemy by suppressing the resistance and rushing towards them, they wont dare peak up their heads and by the time you get close they'll be dead.

I don't know how to end guides so..... there

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Pyr The Deutsch


Posts : 9
Join date : 2016-06-23

PostSubject: Re: Overwatch Transhuman Arm Guide (Incomplete)   Fri Jul 01, 2016 1:00 am

fuck i spent like 2 hours on this.
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Overwatch Transhuman Arm Guide (Incomplete)
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