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 Pyr The Deutsch's OTA App

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Pyr The Deutsch


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PostSubject: Pyr The Deutsch's OTA App   Sat Jul 02, 2016 6:39 pm

1.) What is your Steam username? Pyr The Deutsch

2.) What is your SteamID?

3.) List the OWS divisions for OTA and their purposes.
Echo: Starting Division
King: Highly trained Overwatch, leads the echo division
Ranger: Long Range Marksman Division, uses the Combine Sniper.
Kilo: Transportation/Vehicle Division: Uses Combine APC and Combine Helicopter
X-Ray: Patrolling/Sweeping Area's Division
Phantom: Steath Division

4.) What is airwatch?
 A subdivision of the Overwatch focused on air support.

5.) How do OTA Soldiers speak in the chat?
 Militarized and robotic like.

6.) What do EOW and OWS stand for?
EOW-Elite Overwatch
OWS: Overwatch Soldier

7.) What is your character's backstory? (3 Paragraph Minimum)
   Hayden Frost was a middle class citizen born in 1996 who grew up in Texas, getting a great education as he grew up, he barely had any problems growing up and generally had a great life, until when he was 15 his dad had died working in a car engineering factory when faulty equipment blew up.
  His dad had told him to always be tough and never give up, so when he was 19 he had a girlfriend and went into the U.S Marines, after vigorous training he was assigned to a covert operation in afghanistan where he was assigned to take out an illegal arms dealer, which went out successful, after being stationed in Afghanistan he was on leave to visit his family and then return to Fort Sam Houston, where he was to take a break from the heat of Afghanistan.
  Out of nowhere a large siren sounds and everyone is assigned to get their gear and weapons and prepare for an attack. The Siren came from the approaching Combine Synth Soldiers firing as they came over the horizon, he managed to take out 2 synth soldiers, but was wounded in the conflict, where he sat for a medic to come he blacked out, when he awoke the synth soldiers were stomping over his fallen friends, he tried to control his breathing to not be spotted, but the synths were looking for survivors, he felt himself get pulled up forcefully and put into a bin, where he was shipped onto a train heading straight for a large blue building.

8.) How old are you?

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PostSubject: Re: Pyr The Deutsch's OTA App   Sat Jul 02, 2016 7:08 pm

Nobody does the friggin title right.

It should be, "Pyr the Deutsch's OTA Application."
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Pyr The Deutsch's OTA App
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