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 Combine Civil Authority Application Format

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PostSubject: Combine Civil Authority Application Format   Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:55 pm

Combine Civil Authority applications are OPEN.

Copy and paste the format into a post and answer the questions. The title for your post has to be in the format of "<username>'s CCA Application".


1.) What is your Steam Username?

2.) What is your SteamID?

3.) What is the process for breaching locked doors in a group?

4.) Roleplay getting shot in the chest with a shotgun wearing standard issue kevlar.

5.) Roleplay a thorough pat down during an inspection.

6.) What is your character's backstory? (3 Paragraph Minimum)

7.) What rank comes after i1?

8.) Which CCA rank is allowed to use crossbows?
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Combine Civil Authority Application Format
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